Saturday, October 4, 2014

Common Core Standards Kindergarten Counting and Cardinality

Where can you begin if you want to really understand how to support your child before and during Kindergarten?

Count to answer "how  many?" questions about as  many as 20 things arranged in a line, a rectangular array, or a circle, or as many as 10 things in a scattered configuration; given a number from 1-20,count out that many objects.

The sentences above were copied directly from the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten math. For many parents the language is considered overly complicated-"what are they saying?" is often the first response even for teachers.

I found these standards are very good- once you understand them.

The easiest way is to use actual manipulatives.

If you have a bag of a "lot of stuff" intuitively the standard begins to unfold- as in the story pictures below.

These worksheets and suggestions support the following Common Core State Standard:CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC. B.5

Starting with a bag of Creative Hands Smart Foam Hearts? Or a bag of Geo Shapes...

How to do you meet the standard with these hearts and shapes....?

The first step is to separate the hearts and shapes  into colors and count how many you have of each color.

To purchase these stickers and teaching and learning notes: click here:

As you work with sorting the shapes into colors, you can work toward future standards by rearranging the shapes, putting all the hearts in the row and then the circles. This process is critical to moving towards standards that go far beyond kindergarten- don't rush this step. It builds future undersanding of decomposing numbers.




  1. This is an update to see how the guys are work make out with using the fun foam products to help their sons math. I met a fellow worker in the parking lot last night and gave him a tray of Creative Hands Monsters. I told him to look on the blog to figure out decomposing numbers and use the sparkles to make even and odd monsters. I hope it words out.

  2. K: When you sort out the monsters, make sure you find out how many ways to make 5 and then move up. So you have like three yellow and two green equals 5 and so on. I am going to try to upload a photo of what this looks like.

  3. This link helps with decomposing numbers

  4. This pinterest board teachers decomposing numbers

  5. I think it is fun to decompose foam stickers.. :)

  6. A Correctional Officer stopped into my office at work and said " I think my son finally has the number 5 figured out..." so I will keep working with your ideas. That was fun. I think I may give him somemore stickers.